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Classes at Aberdeen Acrobatic Gymnastics Club

Tuition from toddler to Teenager – helping your child to achieve their best


children approx. 18 months to 5 years old

Our classes are based on the Mac the Monkey syllabus and curriculum. The classes focus on developing your child’s gross motor skills as well as social, numeracy and language skills too. In every class we work on Action, Balance and Coordination through expertly crafted lesson plans.

Your child will learn all the basic gymnastics shapes, drills and skills appropriate for the physical development of each age group in our fun but disciplined and structured adventures. Once the gymnast reaches the age of 5 years old they are automatically given a place in our recreational classes.

Children love these classes and our apparatus. Every second term we have an award term where children receive their certificate and medal from Mac at the end of the term once achieving (or attempting) the required skills.

Pre-School Gymnasts attend 1 x 45 min class a week.


Tuition from Toddlers to Teenagers helping your child to achieve their best !

Recreational Classes

children 5 years old upwards

Our recreational classes are all inclusive and all gymnast led – meaning that every gymnast is unique and will progress at different speeds depending on their body and how much work they put into crafting their skills. That means we have a class for every age, stage and ability of a child.

All our coaches have the same teaching philosophy – our children are NEVER physically pushed or stretched by a coach. Safety and enjoyment is at the heart of our teaching. Through our unique style at our club our gymnasts have the opportunity progress through our awards scheme and are awarded certificate and medals at appropriate assessed points in the year. We also have homework sheets for conditioning for gymnasts who want to take their skills to the next level and work towards being ready for our Display and Competitive teams !

Our Recreational Gymnasts attend 1 or 2, 1-1 1/2 hr classes a week.

Please note that all gymnasts need to be members of British Gymnastics. This is an annual extra cost on top of class fees (not expensive) and we will tell you how to register for this once enrolled to our classes. It is not needed for trial class but mandatory from 2nd class onwards.

Display & Competitive Pathways

Our coaches ‘talent spot’ or look to see if any child in class has what it takes to take their gymnastics to the next level…  Coaches look for a hunger and keen interest in gymnastics from a potential display or competitive gymnast.  You don’t necessarily have to have the most flexible body – the beauty of Acrobatic Gymnastics is that there is a place for everybody regardless of ‘natural’ flexibility or what is perceived to be the ideal gymnast !   In partnerships ‘Bases’ just need to be strong, trustworthy and dependable.  The ‘Tops’ need to be fearless and able to fly through the sky !

Our Display team starts from at approximately 6/7 years old provided our minimum skills have been achieved by the child. We would expect Display gymnasts to attend 3 training sessions a week plus our special Display class where we gel the dance and the gymnastics tumbles together in group routines.  These routines would get performed at Scottish Gymnastics festivals through the year.  Events that are so much fun !

Competitive Gymnasts require to be 8 years old as a minimum and have achieved certain minimum skills.  We now look for that extra commitment to attend all the competitions entered through the year  and work with a partner or in a Trio which the coaches select.   Competitive Gymnasts will also take part in Display Team. Gymnasts would attend 3 training sessions a week, Display class and a Competition Class.  To learn the routine gymnasts would attend 1-2-1 lessons to lay down choreography.

Display and Competitive gymnasts are expected to work on any homework laid out and are also expected to carry out a weekly conditioning training routine at home at certain points of the week.

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